Lateral patient transfer is now SimPull

No longer will physically moving patients be accepted at the risk of injuring our caretakers. For staff and patients alike the lateral patient transfer process has been perfected. With SimPull, patients are transferred safely and respectfully, while staff members save time and remain uninjured.


The Patient Company has perfected lateral patient transfer by creating the first truly automated lateral patient transfer device: SimPull. This idea to simulate the pull came from clinical staff members at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The clinical staff noted that alternative products, clinicians are forced to manipulate the patient physically, whether it is to get them on to a transferrable surface, or to pull them across from one surface to another. This type of patient manipulation is attributable to nearly 10,000 staff injuries annually in The United States. SimPull protects clinicians from these injuries, reduces the average time of transfer dramatically, and removes all waste that is created by alternative products’ disposable components.

Lateral patient transfer is for the first time automated, safe, efficient, and sustainable.

Lateral patient transfer is now SimPull.

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It is our stance that clinical staff should not be expected to physically move patients, ever. Through collaborative research we will prove that is now possible with SimPull. Together we will improve safety for clinical staff, and patients everywhere, together we can all win.

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SimPull, the device described and shown on this website, is not yet approved by the FDA; and thus is not currently for sale. For information about the device or the current stage of development please contact us here.