What’s In a Pilot?

As we have previously mentioned, we are now looking for pilot partners! We have experienced great interest in these pilot partnerships, and we’re excited to continue to develop new partnerships but of course the first question in everyone’s mind is “What’s In a Pilot?”

Train | Pilot | Collect | Analyze | Advise | Report

The purpose of our SimPull Pilot’s is to generate and collect data to measure how SimPull directly increases workplace efficiency and workplace safety for the healthcare workforce in acute healthcare settings. Specifically in regards to lateral patient transfer. However, in order to generate this data, first we must collect data at each location about their current state: How is lateral patient transfer done now, how efficient is it, how safe is it, and how does this impact other activities. This data allows us to make informed decisions as to where to place the SimPull’s, who to train for use, and what expectations will be. Once initial data collection, training and implementation is complete, we pilot! The Pilot itself will be limited to two months of use; in a specifically designated area lateral patient transfer will be SimPull only. Data will be collected around the time of transfer, safety of transfer, patient and clinical experience. Following our pilot phase, we will collect and analyze the data generated during the pilots in order to effectively advise each location on their current lateral patient transfers, and report our findings to the public!

If you have further questions or are interested in piloting the SimPull technology, please reach out to set up further time.